Hand in hand and flesh to flesh
Entrapped am I beneath your mesh
We take our time, breathe deep and slow
Pure ecstasy, our adagio
The clock has afforded with her chime
The sunset has deemed this is the time
Waxy, oily, balmy, wet
So unlike the runner’s sweat
Cool breeze caress our moistened skin
As I meet you, out then in
Wearing you as some dermis or suit
While suckling nectar as from rare fruit
Sip and lip and drip this wick
While flicker soft, the candles lick
Our shadows dance and lance and prance
As we are held in frenetic trance
Mellifluous is this pictured state
Onlookers would weep and salivate
Museums might have you if I were dead
So I’ll linger long and keep my head
Blessings and doorposts covered in red
God bless this bed from which was wed
I’ll feed you bread, repeat what’s said
No dread, misled, or worn down tread
Aroused from dead, once atrophied now fed
Ensnared am I betwixt your thread
Tenacious, lubricious, moist, and torrid
So much like the protected Forest
Where became my rib when I was sleep
This one I love and eternal keep
We proclaim forever, low audible pitch
Our adagio, our forever fix.

© 2006 kenn bivins

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

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