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Sadly, most of you have no idea that most of my career I’ve been an illustrator. The last couple of years have found me focusing on my writing while earning my chops as a flash developer. Meanwhile, I’ve been forsaking the very thing that made me. When I determined to write a novel, I decided to put all other projects on hold until it was complete. Well, the novel is complete (more on that later this month) and I am starting my next book – a children’s book.

I have started and stopped this book so many times in the past, it’s not funny. I wrote the story and originally got the interest of a reputable publisher to buy it but then I wanted to draw it myself so I screwed that deal up by sitting on it too long.

Well, I’m back to it. Just as I could write a novel, I can write and finally draw (and complete) a children’s book. I started storyboarding (planning the visual layout) and redesigning the characters yesterday. I’m excited to be back. More soon.

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4 thoughts on “back to the drawing board”

  1. Max Reddick says:

    My wife and I have flirted with the notion of writing a series of children’s books for years. Are you going to post a few of the illustrations as you work through this project?

  2. kenn says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, James. I have a post coming next week about your role and influence on the novel.

    Max, I plan on sharing sketches and more soon. You and your wife should put that series together. You definitely have stories to tell.

  3. Tomasino says:

    That’s some amazing work, Kenn. I haven’t seen any of your “big” stuff yet. You definitely proved you complete what you set out to do. I’m sure this children’s book will not only get finished, but in a timely manner, and with the careful attention to detail you obviously have for your art.

  4. cdrogers says:

    I must say, I’ve always loved your illustrations. Well at least the ones you let me see. My favorite is still that silly cow but I hope to see more soon.

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