“It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” It really is.

Familiarity can sometimes lead to complacency if we don’t regard it. I recently had my locs cut. There were practical reasons for doing so but I tend to be a layered guy so there were allegorical reasons as well.

I initially loc’d my hair with the intention of only doing it for 1 year. I wanted to love myself and the me in the mirror – unfettered. It worked. I learned to embrace and love all of the things about me that God made.

4 years later, I can move on. I’m not attached to any material thing and I’m not attached to a look. In 2006, India.Arie said it best when she sang, “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am a soul that lives within.” In my humble opinion, that is a true mark of maturity.

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4 thoughts on “closure”

  1. Micheline J says:

    Love it! very well said.

  2. Tricia B says:

    Beautiful! Very profound… Enjoyed the post! Thanks… Thanks for sharing…

  3. Sandra J says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. I haven’t even met you but feel like I know you. Very inspirational. Keep it up.

  4. Kris G says:

    I tried something similar a while back… let my hair grow out, facial hair run wild… wasn’t as successful as you… then I tried the radical change of switching to a dress shirt and tie daily… people just thought I was nuts. I probably was. And is it wrong that every time I hear “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” I think of that In Living Color sketch that mocked BoysIIMen? (My backup singers? Oh, it’s ON now…)

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