“Right or wrong, tension makes us stronger by making us weak when we needed to be.”
Thought-provoking lyrics from an amazing song called “Birthright” by the amazing band, Sleeping at Last featuring Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. Give it a listen.

She was raised by wolves,
In the warmth of their fur.
Surrounded by fangs,
She knew that she was secure.

Language barriers
Made no difference at all.
When you’re truly cared for,
There’s no purpose for walls.

His fences stood tall
As the shoulders of old.
But he dreamt that one day
Maybe he’d break the mold.
But time shyly stands still
When you watch it unfold.
From these ivory towers
Freedom is only a ghost.

Right or wrong,
Tension makes us stronger
By making us weak
When we needed to be.

Privilege and pain
When compared look the same.
Comprehension begins
When we pull back the lens.

They made her their queen
On the day she was born.
They placed on her a crown
She wasn’t ready for.
But all impossible odds
Foreshadow our means,
Like paving a road
To kingdoms we’ve never seen.

He woke up one day,
Written out of the will.
They swore he’d be okay,
With lesser shoes to fill.

But what doesn’t kill us
Makes us stronger they say
But our only birthright
In this life, is the
Breath that we take.

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One thought on “birthright”

  1. tiffany says:

    “But our only birthright in this life is the breath that we take”
    I really love that line, a call to cherish every moment.
    We really do need to order our lives based on something larger and
    more lasting than our brief time here.

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