i am undun

I knew the day would come. The Roots would release their latest album, undun, and the bar would not only be raised in the Hip Hop game, it would be raised in the Music game.

Intricate melodies and complex lyrics tell the heartbreaking narrative of the short life of the fictional Redford Stephens. I’m loving it. This one is already filed as one of my favorite albums. Ever.

I would like to publicly thank The Roots for their this awesome distraction. I am undun.

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2 thoughts on “i am undun”

  1. tiff says:

    I have always liked The Roots, but my experience with them ran closer to “Hey, I really like this, who is is it”? and the person playing it is like “Uh, The Roots” and I was like “cool” then went back to listening to Snow Patrol. 🙂

    So I listened a couple times last night, then I find myself listening to it again this morning…absolutely in love with Sleep and One Time…so far.
    “I’ve lost alot of sleep to dreams”
    “I was always late for the bus, just once can I be on time, then I start to think what’s the rush who wants to be on time…this is clearly a lesson learned for someone else.”

    Genius lyrics with haunting truths. I am undun.

    1. kenn says:

      My sentiments exactly. Haunting. I am undun.

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