bodily Harm

Promises promises
She won’t do you harm,
His word is his bond,
Mom won’t buy the farm

Sequences sequences
What happens next?
Will Infatuation’s daughter
Soon be my ex?

Out again off again
The stove was left on,
The back door is open,
And the cat’s got her tongue

Etcetera etcetera…
Gray mountains to climb
Six ounces and venting
And soon I’ll be fine.


Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

4 thoughts on “bodily Harm”

  1. meekha says:

    “Will Infatuation’s daughter
    Soon be my ex?”

    I love this line. Lust leads to infatuation, which leads us to thinking that it’s so much more than what it really is.. Lust and infatution and nothing more.

    Nice write, Kenn


  2. Breathless says:

    That was potent!
    Can’t wait to read more.

  3. inkling says:

    Nice. So when is the book coming out?

  4. kenn says:

    This is a repost from three years ago. I still love it today. So much meaning in so few words.

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