how’s the book doing? – a thank you

Last night, I attended a Christmas Holiday party with former co-workers and one glaring and consistent greeting that I got was, “How’s the book doing?” The book in question is my debut novel, PIOUS, which was widely released October 1. Initially, I was elated to remark how the book is selling seemingly well, according to the activity of reviews and retailer reorders but I won’t have any hard numbers until early next year.

After being asked around the 35th time, I felt like my answers were becoming less enthusiastic and more mechanical. The fact is, most of these amazing people were asking because they were genuinely supportive of my foray into the world of being a “popular author.” I had to laugh at myself and readjust because the idea of so many people having such a curiosity of my book is a pretty good problem to have – even more so, that most of these people have a copy of my book in their possession.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported PIOUS in its first three months of life. Even though I’m just getting warmed up in promoting it, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

“How’s the book doing?” Thank you for asking. PIOUS is doing better than well, thanks to you.

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  1. Sheka says:

    That’s awesome kenn! Happy Holidays!

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