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Today, Ben Harper’s 10th studio album, Give Till It’s Gone, is released! The moving and deeply personal opener, “Don’t Give Up On Me Now,” reminds me of why Ben Harper is one of my favorite artists of all time. His honest lyrics and layered musicianship guarantees that this album will be in constant rotation on my playlist.

I’m not sure why Virgin Records chose “Rock N’ Roll Is Free,” the weakest song on the album, to lead such an impressive set. Regardless, I’ll dig it as a simple feel good song. Enjoy the video below and make sure you legally acquire your own copy.

01. Don’t Give Up On Me Now
02. I Will Not Be Broken
03. Rock N’ Roll Is Free
04. Feel Love
05. Clearly Severely
06. Spilling Faith
07. Get There From Here
08. Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn
09. Waiting On A Sign
10. Dirty Little Lover
11. Do It For You, Do It For Us

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2 thoughts on “give till it’s gone”

  1. tiffany says:

    “Do It For You, Do It For Us”…a very tortured Ben Harper. This is a very revealing album for me, knowing he wrote it during his divorce and not knowing the particulars of why his marriage ended, I just feel as though it has opened my eyes to the pain a man feels after divorce. I know my default is to assume its the man’s fault and that the woman and the children get all the pain and the man just gets to go off and be free. But we human beings are way more nuanced and complicated than that…we see ourselves hurting those whom we love and cherish the most and yet we persist in actions that lay waste to everyone involved.

    Sigh… that’s why I’m choosing to cop that new New Boyz instead, because it’s way too crowded in the VIP room. 😉

  2. kenn says:

    I think that’s why I love this set so much. It’s got passion from all angles. I read that Ben and his wife reconciled. I hope so.

    New Boyz, Tiff? You never fail to surprise me 🙂

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