goes away in the end

“Hurt” as song by the legend, Johnny Cash. This song is both haunting and beautiful.
And as I dig into the heart of my second novel, this song is on repeat in my playlist.

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One thought on “goes away in the end”

  1. tiffany says:

    That is a hauntingly beautiful song. The apostle Paul when writing about
    his accomplishments and past life said he counted it all dung(crap), in
    the face of the love of Christ. We all have to constantly look in the
    mirror and assess what we hold of value in this world and what we are
    seeking after and worshiping. Be it money or power or sex or whatever, or
    are we seeking after those things that endure and truly matter…love and kindness and human connection.

    Glad you are writing and I know your second novel will be even greater than the first.

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