i think i kenn

Engine engine number nine
You can do it, don’t fall behind
But as life shoves and inculcates
You got passed by number eight

I think I can, I think I’m kenn
Though I’m not too sure where I begin
Or where I end and I pretended
Treads run deep as I’m suspended

Should I compare or share despair
Can I do me and does non-me care?
Is anyone there to help me pull this hill?
If the hill is too much, do I just swallow nine pills?

Not that I would kill for isn’t killing one of those sins
And while open caskets are all the rage, I would have to suck my gut in
Or pull the rug in, no visitors, closed for the season
“This engine is due for repairs” or some ambiguous reason

The plot thickens and is teasing, the plot congeals and just let the breeze in
But I digress as I got off the subject for no apparent reason…

Kenn son kenn, don’t lose your mind
You can do it, don’t fall behind
I think I can, I think I kenn
And if I can’t, I’ll call on friends.

end 2010. 2011, now begin.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

2 thoughts on “i think i kenn”

  1. Katina says:

    I think you Kenn 🙂

    Engine engine number nine
    On the New York transit line
    If Kenn’s train goes of the track,
    PICK it up! PICK IT up! PICK IT UP!

    Back on the scene!
    He’s crispy and clean!!
    You can try,
    but then why
    Cause you can’t intervene
    He be the outcast,
    Down for the settle
    Won’t play the rock
    Won’t play the pebble
    Open the door
    You best believe
    He’s sliding through swifffffffftly!

    LOL!! 10 thumbs up for the Black Sheep reference Bivnins. And another 10 thumbs up for knowing the choice is yours :)….Let the Kennaissance begin 😛 (LOL!!)

  2. Mikki says:

    I like that…Kennaissance! You CAN do it Kenn, but call on those friends before you feel like you can’t…it makes the load so much easier.

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