two thousand and kenn – in summary

I branded this past year as “two thousand and kenn” (2010) because I trusted it was going to be a year of milestones for me and indeed it was. To name just a few…

  • I had my first novel, PIOUS, picked up by Two Harbors Press
  • My eldest son turned 16
  • I quit my job as a Sr. Developer at one agency
  • My eldest son learned how to drive
  • I got a new job as an Art Director at a much bigger agency
  • PIOUS was delayed.
  • I began outlining my second novel
  • PIOUS was delayed again
  • My youngest son took a serious interest in playing basketball
  • PIOUS was released for Kindle, iPad, and other eReaders
  • PIOUS was released on paperback.
  • My youngest son turned 12
  • PIOUS got a LOT of attention, criticism, and acclaim

Here is more of the same, but with pictures and commentary. Enjoy.

Needless to say, 2010 was an amazing year. I’m looking forward to 2011 which I am now proclaiming as the beginning of the Kennaissance. Yeah. It’s about to get real hot. Happy New Year, friends.

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