nothing under the sun

Today in Atlanta, it is as hot as my finite imagination would indicate Hades to be. Summer is indeed here.

I know I promised to blog everyday in June but I simply have nothing to share today. The heat and the laziness of the day has rendered me pretty useless. But then this counts as a blog, doesn’t it? Even though it’s about nothing, it’s something. Right?

Summer Solstice party tonight everywhere. Really awesome Summer Solstice party in particular in my hood. Call me or shoot me an email for times, details, and what not to bring. Stay cool in the meantime.

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2 thoughts on “nothing under the sun”

  1. tiff says:

    Well, let’s “Intellectualize” your blog about nothing. Hmmmm. Its an homage to Seinfeld?
    Or in your blog about nothing you are showing the inner existential crises we go through that
    even as life speeds up all around us we slow down? Or it could just be the heat. 🙂

    1. kenn says:

      And again Tiff, you make me appear “smart.” I really think it’s simply the heat though 🙂

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