Here again I’m emancipated from the reaches and auspices of death
As the fragrance and significance of you fills my lungs,
And I’m lucid

I can’t recall what it was like before I inhaled this colorless element of you.
Was I gasping, near collapsing, falling to earth while grasping
For hope

How could they have taken you for granted you when there could be no stand-in?
Yes, so many thrived on the presence and mere essence of you
Yet you were invisible and all the while

I sigh to expel all that is not you just before deeply inhaling again
For I and my capillaries and all were weary while you tarried
Some time ago
But now

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

9 thoughts on “oxygen”

  1. Veronica Hill says:

    just when i thought i’d read my favorite piece from you kenn…

    i just read my favorite…

    this one gave me gooseflesh..

    gorgeous, longing, dreamy, heartfelt…

    keep writing… please


  2. Nancia says:

    I like this piece… All SMiles Nancia

  3. eterne says:

    Your writing is so well developed, the imagery so vivid.

    It is with great hope, much anticipation, and complete knowing
    that the writer will soon make his ‘mark’ upon the world.

  4. Tomasino says:

    I find it extremely difficult to post mundane comments on such strong blog entries. It feels like smearing grease across their immaculate surface or some other-such simile of things being quite out of place. Needless to say, I try not to do it often.

    Your writing does deserve a great deal of comment, though, or at least praise. You have a polished style and such vivid imagery. It’s a joy to read each piece, even the sad ones. You’re obviously as skilled with words as you are with drawing.


  5. ksolo says:

    only an ‘air baby’ could write a love poem to air…lol!

    i think this is one of my faves from u. i love the duplicity and the balance of the whole piece. conscious breathing can truly be a life saver. and then there’s those times when ‘other’ seems to be ur only source of air….

    well done, friend


  6. Miss Erika says:

    Kenn, my friend you have done it again….Like a breath of fresh air…. how refreshing it is 🙂


  7. Lyn Marie says:

    Kenn, stop writing about me. It’s embarrassing! Ha Ha Ha! 🙂

  8. kenn says:

    okay, silly woman 😀

  9. Shana Marie says:

    I immediately think of God

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