a moment of silence

My flag is at half mast
I ripped my garment for thee
My ashen face is downcast
And several doves have been released

Sixty seconds to respect
Much less seconds to be born
And a lifetime to reflect
On life for which to mourn

The bells, they toll for thee
And the rain allays the ground
The earth invites you back
From whence you first were found

My flag is still at half mast
It’s due my time to grieve
While not preventing living.
A moment of silence for thee.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

One thought on “a moment of silence”

  1. eterne says:

    The whole of creation
    moaning for Redemption.
    grace power wisdom
    blood revelation deliverance
    authority sealed sacrifice
    In the circle of the King’s Reign.
    beautiful Kenn.

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