passenger-side driving

This passenger-side driving
Alludes that I’m not so in control
The floorboards won’t slow my descent
And the dashboard won’t steer my fold

While my sanity is bleeding
And injustice is on the walk
I try hard not to feel
I try hard not to talk

This passenger-side driving
Has me impatient to make my mark
But it’s all about the journey I hear
Not where you stop or start

So stops and yields and showoff peels
And drive thru meals and an influx of steel
To the tune of white noise and legislative frills
Remind me to be still. Just be still. Be still. Still.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

7 thoughts on “passenger-side driving”

  1. ksolo says:

    be still? that’s the good word for today… 🙂

    timely piece,


  2. eterne says:

    I stumbled across this in The NewYorker ( i think), a little while ago.

    A Measuring Worm

    This yellow striped green
    Catepillar, climbing up
    The steep window screen,

    Constantly (for lack
    of a full set of legs) keeps
    humping up his back.

    It’s as if he sent
    By a sort of semaphore
    Dark omegas meant

    To warn of Last Things.
    Although he doesn’t know it,
    He will soon have wings,

    And I, too, don’t know
    Toward what undreamt condition
    Inch by inch I go.

    —-Richard Wilbur

  3. eterne says:

    Now onto the good stuff…your poem. Your poems always have so many things churning around in them its hard to decide what to comment on…so i will just close my eyes and point.
    Ahh, “But its all about the journey I hear”

    I struggle about this journey, questioning why i am way closer to start than finish. I feel like i’m not “so in control” nor close to making “my mark”.

    The patients i come across at 90 and counting that have the most joy and contentment…quite frankly didn’t make a mark on life. But they kept a light-hearted spirit and outlook about life. It really was just about fully living and enjoying each moment.

    Q: Now how in the heck do i do that. : )

  4. Breathless says:

    Stillness is a conscious practice, but with stillness comes answers to questions that forcing solutions could never bring.
    Blessings Kenn, I’m thinking about you.

  5. Ife says:

    wow, never knew you wrote poetry….very deep. did i ever share any of mine? don’t remember. very nice.
    well written.

  6. Nichole says:

    Pretty much sums up the journey for me at this point. My friend says it’ll all make sense in hindsight.

    Good job.

  7. Lyn Marie says:

    Driving lessons for Kenn2?
    LOL! 🙂

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