Pious, a commercial

For AP Lit class, my son had to produce a commercial of one of the novels that he read this school year. Without any coaching or assistance from me, he chose Pious as his subject. I’m very proud of the results. He produced his commercial with his Nikon D40, Photoshop and some ketchup. The kid’s got skills. It kind of runs in the family, I suppose.

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3 thoughts on “Pious, a commercial”

  1. Tanisha says:

    Very cute! You have to love the beauty of artistic interpretation! I guess it does run in the ketchup:) You should be proud!

  2. Lyn Marie says:

    Fantastic Job! His comments were insightful and on the mark! TALENT!

  3. Suraya says:

    #Awesomeness… Loved it… and the ketchup made me chuckle… You have a really talented son!! Hope he got an A+

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