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The Opinionless Authors series is a new, monthly podcast program dedicated to talking with up-and-coming writers about what fuels their creative process and what drives their work. I am the first featured author in the series where I talk about Pious, the Opinionless Virtual Bookclub’s official selection for the month of June.

Listen in to this one-on-one, spoiler-free discussion centered on Pious. I also talk a little bit about my upcoming novel that will be released later this year. Enjoy.

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One thought on “podcast interview with kenn”

  1. tiffany says:

    What a great interview! It definitely made me want to read PIOUS…again.

    For the second book ,exploring through the main character how we do get these ideas or plans about others or our lives or ourselves and just become fixated or obsessed and how it really does throw you into a tailspin when life goes counter to your expectations or hopes, I’ve seen it happen in in the lives of others, something very hard to watch, and I’ve experienced it first hand in my own life. Can’t wait for the new novel for sure. 🙂

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