If you’ve ever used a navigation system, you’re likely familiar with when the navigator’s voice chimes in, “Recalculating…” whenever you veer from the path that he or she has planned for you.

Real life can be like that too. Sometimes, we plan a course and are happily and confidently speeding along to our destination when suddenly there is a reason to detour or change direction. Whether external conditions change or otherwise, matters not. The outcome is the same. You go from familiar and confident to suddenly feeling – afraid and alone.

I’m being forced to “recalculate” here lately. I’m not liking it because the Voice that has been guiding me hasn’t automatically synched with where I’m supposed to go now. So for a bit, I’m moving in a direction without any direction at all. Or maybe I’m not listening closely enough to the Voice.

Transitions can be very scary because you have no idea where you’re going to end up. But life can be like that. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve even had some “recalculating” moments yourself. Don’t lose heart. Just be patient and maybe slow down some. Recalculating….

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One thought on “recalculating…”

  1. tiffany says:

    I definitely know how it feels when life just kinda slams into you leaving you dazed and confused, or afraid and lonely. And I have definitely gone through times when I have felt as though God has abandoned me, or I needed to abandon God. But we cry and we suffer loss and we come out the other side and we realize when we thought we were alone there was always God, and others loving us the whole time, and as long as we can hold onto THAT, we survive this thing that is life. Truly my dear friend when you cry I cry and when you feel pain , I feel pain. You are not alone and I love you. Always.

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