walking in the rain

The optimistic side of me wanted to sing the words “walking in the rain” to the tune of “Singing in the Rain” as I walked home this evening. All I could utter (in the spirit of Charlie Brown) was, “Rats!”

A long, seeming unproductive and frustrating workday coupled with rain and Atlanta traffic in the rain should have been enough. Actually it was enough. Enough for me to consider the haven that home would be once I got there to exhale and shower and enjoy a warm meal. It should have been enough. My pissed off car didn’t think so.

This evening as I waited in a long line of cars at a light for 30+ minutes because some fool (or fools) didn’t want to heed driving more careful in the rain, my beloved car decided to garner for attention.

Steam in the front.

“Maybe that’s from the rain?”

More steam in the front.

“Maybe the exhaust from the car in front of me?”

Loud POP! Temperature gauge goes red. Smoke or steam or…


Several more miles to go before home but I safely park my car in a lot and walk the rest of the way home. In the rain.

Now I’m home and I’m going to exhale, shower, enjoy that meal, and then ride my bike back to my car in a couple of hours to see if all can be restored… or at least hauled home. Rats!

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