seven eight nine

Seven eight nine, this that and the third
The dog ate my homework, eight subjects and no verb
The cart is pulling the horse and other musings so absurd
Am I being too abstract or just layering the fact that I’m perturbed?

Why do today what you can put off tomorrow?
Why feel better now, when in sorrow you can wallow?
If Jesus walks on water again then maybe you will follow
If Nietzsche lives next door to you, my faith I’ll let you borrow

I can’t count on my fingers, I’ve got more sense than that
I can’t count on my money, it all goes to buy more fat
What was that I said about being too abstract?
Seven eight nine and other punchlines, does this verse make me look fat?

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

One thought on “seven eight nine”

  1. tiff says:

    Very interesting, trying to delve into and understand the meaning of the numbers…
    are you playing on the joke why is six afraid of seven? with six being the number for man
    and seven being the perfect number of God? Our fear of God, our fear to believe. Hm?

    On faith? Some days I have faith and some days I don’t, and it breaks me when it goes…

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