fall en

yesternight, full moon rocked
this night’s show, autumnal equinox
day and night are equal, again
yin and yang and us akin
spring, I fell forward
but now I just Fall in.

new way to Fall

My fingers have become more articulate
At the idea that you they may touch
My nostrils flair and filter out random flavorings
For your scent and zephyr is near
My tongue had suffered that which was insipid
While the advent of you was pending
Colors I have not known for many seasons
And your foliage, they startle me into an awakened state
I want to disturb your pile of leaves
And heed the chorus that my entry provokes
My imagination, now amplified by your brisk touch,
Seeks a covering or a blanket but not for the sake of isolation
Instead for the sake of insulation
Protecting, loving, comforting, reminding
With your unprecedented, familiar unfamiliar
I have learned to Fall
In new ways.


everything must change

“Everything must change. Nothing stays the same. Everyone will change. No one, no one stays the same.”

And so the song continues with Nina Simone singing about change, while real life continues as it always has. Changing.

Fall is upon us and it is my favorite season. There is something beautiful about being reminded that nothing lasts forever. There is a thankfulness that shoves to the front of my consciousness to know that winter, in both season and life, is near.

Fall brings with it crisp, cooler air, changing foliage colors, shorter days, and a seasonal quiet where I’m reminded with good and not-so-good circumstance, change is just around the corner. Be thankful in where you are and be thankful in where you don’t have to stay forever. Be encouraged in that. Be.