the ballad of Autumn Penelope

she collapses onto her back,
making snow angels where the snow had yet to fall
wearing a scarf and bonnet with a bow,
this maiden is still without gall

cancer and circumstance had stolen much from her
since she was but a wee child
a sundry of loved ones had left her,
yet Autumn Penelope never abandoned her smile

the seasons give her consolation
that as often as things would change
there was an accord in the cyclic routine
that, as often, life remains the same

the thaw of Winter rolled down her cheeks,
while Spring’s hope lept in her womb,
Summer happened along to remind her
that she would not be forsaken as unmarked tombs

she was always faithful in waiting
while believing, staring into the cerulean sky
beyond branches and leaves, insomnia and dreams,
she would understand it better by and by

her namesake is her sanctuary
where leaves applaud, wind lauds and colors elope
Autumn Penelope smiles in anticipation
that soon early Winter gives birth to her Hope.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

One thought on “the ballad of Autumn Penelope”

  1. kenn says:

    This piece is about a woman who has lost a lot in the past, but she remains encouraged with life. She’s pregnant and will give birth in a few months (at the beginning of Winter). The child’s father has recently died and she has proclaimed that the child will be named Hope.

    Every year, I write a piece about Fall. Why? Because I love Fall. This piece was just a different take 🙂

    Past pieces include:

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