blackened History

the past. not the present.

An embryo with a bloodied nose
Paraplegics with painted toes
Diaspora with nowhere to go
And stranger fruits still unexposed

History books’ lies and conflicting refrains
Exaggerated heroism amidst talks of change
White colonizers while Africa is to blame
Calls for justice met a political disdain

Shackles of iron and a kum ba ya repose
Chains of metal while concrete spawns a rose
Cords of rope and no longer borrowed clothes
Why all the alarm if you just keep hitting “doze?”

the past. not the present.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

5 thoughts on “blackened History”

  1. tiff says:

    But Kenn we’re post-racial now…I absolutely hate that term and honestly don’t want a post-
    racial society to be our end point. It’s Americas unique situation in the world of being just so
    diverse that is our greatest strength. I adore Europe but its pretty homogenous with a hidden immigrant population. I want to strive for an accepting, loving racial society…where its like how
    Sotomayor was really saying you see me as a latino woman and know I am going to bring something
    rich and unique to the table and I see you as a white man and feel the same way. And like Dyson I
    want Obama to have a policy for black folks, because if McCain were president I would expect him to have a policy for black america….because black lives everywhere are dying and our leaders, people everywhere should want to address that. I know why Obama CAN’T come out and say that…because we aren’t post racial and america is still very classist ad racist. But when he says his policies are for all people i can’t help but think and know in my heart that they won’t reach black people, because the massive social system in place currently isn’t effective or changing the lives of black people.

  2. Lyn Marie says:

    @ tiff
    I’m just wondering which part of the massive social system is related to Black people? After all the largest part of the Black community is located in the middle class. The social systems in place were set up to help White America during the Depression and still helps many poor Whites today, just drive through the Appalachians.

    The line:
    White slave traders while Africa is to blame.

    Rarely do we mention that it was Black Africans sell other Black Africans into slavery. Europeans didn’t run through Africa taking people, Africans offered them for money, shells, supplies, etc. The idea that Africa is one united continent is untrue. It is tribal, modern day example, the Sudan. Africa is not the land of Black brotherhood.
    Excellent Post! 🙂

    1. Gene A. Brown says:


  3. LadyVee DaPoet says:

    Opening eyes, changing lives, and having folks stop their daily routine of life to ask “why”…that’s what True Poets do and Kenn, even though you refuse the title of “poet”, thank you for continuing to touch minds with your unique art. Bravo, my man…;-)

  4. tiff says:

    a great study by pew research:

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