not ready yet

The alien greenery just outside my door is already blooming. But wait. It’s still winter.

And these confusing warm temperatures have the neighborhood animals coming out to play and forage for food that isn’t yet there. I feel like the dad that tells his kids, “Go back to your room. It’s not ready yet.”

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One thought on “not ready yet”

  1. tiff says:

    I am in love with your squirrel! Your pictures are awesome. This has been the absolute best winter of
    this girlies life. I normally give up on the park some time in December, but I was just there on Sunday. In February. I repeat. Best. Winter. Ever. So Sunday I walk down to the lake and three to four white ducks come waddling up to me expecting some food…i.e. bread, having given the half of loaf of bread I had to the two geese that had walked up to me as soon as I got out of my truck I was empty handed. Needless to say, I then felt compelled to turn around and goto Krogers and spend 30 bucks on bird seed and bread to feed all the ducks in the park. FYI while they will eat the birdseed they prefer the bread. 🙂 And yes I know its my fault that they are even around because I constantly goto the park to feed them, thus killing their natural instincts…I just can’t stop. 🙁

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