Starting over
Is stopping first
Catch my breath
Quench my thirst
I have a question
What could be worst?
Let it bleed
Or hold back to burst?

To being anew
You let it end
Burn the remains
And then begin
East from west
Forgive the sin
What did I do?
I can’t remem…ber.


Lies I’ve heard
From the start…

“Not that smart,
Ain’t got heart,
Plays no part,
Slow to start,
Below the chart,
Dull-eyed dart,
Unexpected fart,
Empty cart,

fifth Quarter

These dreams, these fiends, these tweens and cut scenes,
Expectations of momentum and necessities of a spleen.

These winter Monday’s in June are reminiscent of a fifth quarter.
Should I slay myself again or ask a bigger God to expand my borders?

These sorrowed nights and broken glass and drafts from underneath,
Give greater cause to perpetuate and strive for more than just to be.

Oh, these falls, these stalls, these empty halls and caterwauls,
Apprehension’s got me hopeful, while my bladder has the gall.

memorial day

Remember anticipating Spring and the life it would avail?
The baby birds, innocent words, and how clouds could grow a tail?
Remember the smell of honeysuckle while the earth was dark and moist
And the ice cream truck peddling its wares reminded us we had a choice?

boy meets God

Once upon a time, there was a young boy whose name was… well, let’s see.
To protect the innocent, we’ll address young Kenn discreet and anonymously.
So this shy, young boy who lacked no love, grew up in a loveless town.
Shy though spry with a detailed eye his imagination knew no bounds.

Then teenage years and the furlough of tears and more than his share of rage,
Young Boy departed from Nadine and pristine to work where sin offered wage.


Gravity like lead, could I be dead?
Can’t focus my mind, can’t feel my legs,
Worn down to the wire and way past the treads.
I’m beginning to think I’m whatever they said.

open letter 2 my Wife

Dearest daughter of all daughters, beautiful apple of these eyes
It is with much longing that I write you through blurred words and lines.
My transgressions and digressions and diversions are allayed
That you may hurry to me quickly that my heart not lose its way.