closer than they appear

You know the phrase – “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.” This is a safety warning that must appear on any convex mirror on a vehicle that is sold in the United States. It’s usually on the passenger side mirror because that mirror must be convex to have a useful field of view to the driver. Therefore, everything seems smaller and further away. If the driver depends on this to determine distance and tries to switch lanes, there’s a great likelihood of a collision. The warning is there to remind the driver of this potential problem.

Life can be like that too. We can take for granted our perception of something and completely make a wreck of a scenario. Too bad there is no label to remind us to be tread more carefully.

The last 3 days, I’ve been reunited with people who I would reserve the term “friend” for. I mean, I genuinely love these people but distance, a disagreement, or stupidity came between us. Ironically, I just finished a novel that is thematically about forgiveness so I can’t help but think about second chances and all.

With second chances, we are often given to more lucid perceptions. Objects (and people) appear as they really are. I want my relationships to be pure and unfettered. I guess this is a start. Again.

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3 thoughts on “closer than they appear”

  1. LadyVee DaPoet says:

    Relationships that are pure and unfettered take a lot of strength to maintain. Thank goodness when my own personal strength runs out, I’ve got an unlimited supply to draw from above…

  2. Max Reddick says:

    Very good sentiment, but can that end be achieved? My mother once told me not to forgive if I wasn’t also willing to forget. That’s the hump I cannot get over–forgetting. Even after I forgive someone, there’s always that little alarm bell going off in the back of my head whenever I’m around them.

  3. Lyn Marie says:

    Part of forgiveness is remembering that we are not perfect. We all say and do things that have a lasting effect that we do not intend. Forgiving others allows others to forgive you when you are at fault. Often our ego stands in the way, it tells us that we are not at fault, we are the victim and we would never make that mistake. However life will bring you those “never” situation to show you who you really are. Are you someone that can evolve from your errors in judgment or will you hold that grudge?

    As far as forgetting, I don’t think we should forget, its okay to remember that our friends and family are not flawless and neither are we. Love second chances!

    My friends that love me despite my mistakes and flaws give me the greatest strength and joy. 🙂

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