love songs 4 no 1

Four walls and an echo
Down a long and distant hall
Four intents and no passenger
And a self-constructed wall

Three beats and then waiting
For the time to pronounce my vow
Three strikes and then debating
Should I forfeit the game right now?

Two seats yet filled to capacity
Did she save a seat for me?
Two ballads have made me restless
And their cadence won’t set me free

One candle seems too solitary
Me, myself and eyes are under strain
The fine print of my love songs are contrary
To life’s context and catchy refrain

Blank pages in an athenaeum
And the moon without her sun
For still I write these love songs
For a million and no One.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

5 thoughts on “love songs 4 no 1”

  1. Breathless says:

    This is a beautiful love song to no One.
    Been awhile since I’ve been on here. I think I’ll stop by a little more often.
    Blessings Kenn
    You know who I am…

  2. Nancia says:

    This was nice…King Kenn you are truly gifted. Stay wonderful and All Smiles:) Nancia

  3. tiff says:

    This internal struggle that we go through. Should we be with, accept less than what is true to our heart or do we risk it all to hold out for ‘The One’. And what if that person never arrives and we just end up alone. But when we are with someone with whom we aren’t making that soul connection with , we still feel alone. So then I start to agree with my friend who says the whole thing is a rather “dodgy” concept anyway, but then the cadence of those Love Songs won’t set me free.

    Truly Kenn you have found your voice…and it strikes into the core of me.

    The love song that is consuming me of late is Gorecki by Lamb… this soft haunting female voice to a trip/hop beat with just the most incredible lyrics.

  4. wanda says:

    oh kenn, that is such a sweet song. i especially love that last stanza.

  5. Katina says:


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