happy DO year!!

Time to get busy and show the world what kenn8ivins is made of (besides snails and puppy dog tails).


sleeping stops
good morning, Clock

shower. drive.
traffic. thrive.

busy. work
pressure. irked.

pressure builds.
patience spills.

thoughts in hollow
should pride I swallow?

the poke, the prod
have mercy, God

falsely accused
blind temper ensues

curse and swing
and shoot at things
didn’t run.

the smoke then clears
my conscience seared
didn’t run.

weapon in hand
I’ve destroyed two men



Despicable, decrepit, destructive deplume
Incessant inquisitions and undeserved impute
Violent thoughts amidst separation so vile
Omnipresent abandons and odious bile
Repulsive while resenting beginnings with rancor
Conclusions so caustic, no relief for this canker

ugliness of beauty

Mirror mirror, am I the one?
Change your hair, see the sun
Fix your nose, be more fun
Get ‘er done, get ‘er done.

Mother mother, am I a prince?
Stand up straight, fix your tint
Read more books for recompense
When you’re fair, this’ll make more sense

Father father, am I a model?
Be a doctor, win the lotto
Are you a model? don’t be so shallow
Write a book, endorse a motto

Brother sister, are you proud of me?
Well it depends, can I borrow three?
And at 4am will you make me free?
You sellout house-negro wannabe

Mirror mirror, see my tears?
Shards and blood and seven years
This fascination with beauty confirms my fears
Time for a veer and God is near.


crash update

No more commutes mixed with the stench of hamsters, dirty socks, and cheese. All is restored 🙂

my rental car…

smells like a dirty hamster cage and socks.


I was in a car accident today. No one was hurt. No one human that is. My car (if it could speak) would dispute through a broken grill and bent hood that a crushed bumper is less than okay.

The cause of the accident – a sudden stopping woman in front of me. The light was green. GREEN! It seems someone took an illegal left turn in front of her and rather than proceeding cautiously on her right turn, she slammed on brakes. So did I. After I ran into her.

I called the police and the officer (who was very nice) told me that the state of Georgia deems me to be entirely at fault. Now I have a citation, a court date, and a less than pretty car. It does NOT feel like Kennsday today.

Well, at least I’m not hurt. My body that is. I suspect my wallet will be in reconstructive surgery for the next couple of months. I am calm and seething with a feeling of injustice at once.

run kenn run

This morning at 7am I ran my first marathon (actually a half). I have been training for this 13.1 mile skip for about four months but I didn’t prepare for what faced me. Most of my training was during the sweltering months of late summer so my body wasn’t quite ready for the cold wind and lower temperatures. I was encouraged by the number of people of different ages and body types participating.

I finished under the allotted time and I’m glad that I took on such a task as I feel quite accomplished with a nice medal to boot. Will my next adventure be a full (26.2 miles) marathon? Tune in to this same bat-channel next week to find out.


Today, Genex (the company at which I am a Flash Developer) announced that it would be closing its Atlanta office and consolidating business to its LA office by December 23rd. ‘Tis the season to look for employment elsewhere

God digger

Faith licker, finger pricker, blood thicker, pull trigger, click clicka
Run Bigger run nigga, dirt kicker, mortis rigor, faith sicker, God digger.


How can I concatenate to He?
Dossier of my prior won’t let me be
Judged and tried and can’t pay the fee
Then suddenly released on a technicality


A loophole and prophecies thrice said
A bruised heel crushes a wicked head
To win His bride, He obediently shed
God dredge. It is written. Jesus said.


Vampire hunters just bear it
Followers of heresy just swear it
Thugged-out rappers just wear it
The homeless mission just Jesus Cares” it
Do they dig it though? Can you dig it?


The cross the cross the old rugged cross
I’m not saying she’s a God digger. Her loss.


© 2006 kenn Bivins


Symmetry is but skin deep and I’m in a sentimental mood
Kaleidoscopes and Coltrane and the serendipity of you
Intoxicated ramblings drunk from the elixir of your dew
Never said I was so sinless but I am an heir of a great Jew

Some say that the crop is considered from the root
Some say the fool is wisest when he’s mute
Some say that I am a man of good repute
I say your skin makes me wonder of your fruit.

Nerve endings and oil glands and blood vessels do compose
And collagen and elastin and goose bumps when youre cold
I love your skin and the fruit within if I may be so spry and bold
And this love, dear Dove still stays above when gravity wins the fold

Some say beauty is skin deep from the tooth
Some say my unannounced Dove looks a lot like you
Some say what’s within is worth declaring all the truth
Your vellum dermis casing skin it lovingly announces… YOU.

© 2006 kenn bivins


Hand in hand and flesh to flesh
Entrapped am I beneath your mesh
We take our time, breathe deep and slow
Pure ecstasy, our adagio
The clock has afforded with her chime
The sunset has deemed this is the time
Waxy, oily, balmy, wet
So unlike the runner’s sweat
Cool breeze caress our moistened skin
As I meet you, out then in
Wearing you as some dermis or suit
While suckling nectar as from rare fruit
Sip and lip and drip this wick
While flicker soft, the candles lick
Our shadows dance and lance and prance
As we are held in frenetic trance
Mellifluous is this pictured state
Onlookers would weep and salivate
Museums might have you if I were dead
So I’ll linger long and keep my head
Blessings and doorposts covered in red
God bless this bed from which was wed
I’ll feed you bread, repeat what’s said
No dread, misled, or worn down tread
Aroused from dead, once atrophied now fed
Ensnared am I betwixt your thread
Tenacious, lubricious, moist, and torrid
So much like the protected Forest
Where became my rib when I was sleep
This one I love and eternal keep
We proclaim forever, low audible pitch
Our adagio, our forever fix.

© 2006 kenn bivins


Where my jiggas and darkies at?
Imma ’bout to drop the verse
Bend over limp dick monkeys
And feel my terse until it hurts
Got the snub nose to yo’ flat nose
Don’t care if it brings the po pos
I hate who you reflect
And Imma ’bout to make yo’ toes cold
My momma was a moolingnon
My grandpa was a yoyo
Strange fruit swingin’ like the hate I’m bringin’
Southside set of J Crow

Step wrong, mammy spook
You better come heavy ’round the waist
Lookin’ at me sideways?
You jemimas bout to get a taste
You don’t wanna roll up on me
Else this sawed off kiss yo’ face
This Bigger’s furnace run so deep
That the po po won’t find a trace
House monkeys stay the porch
Real monkeys run the vine
Zulu mammies can’t hang with this
Sellout crispies don’t know the time

Where my spades and jungle bunnies?
I glorify the fiend
I am every desired flavor
While you the black, unwanted jellybean
Got love for my mammies and jemimas though
Got something to make them cream
Ain’t like them zulu tar babies
I done went and made a new team
My brother was a jigaboo
My sister went off to school
She forgot where she came from
She forgot she a fool…

Coons howl at the moon dancing with a broom while a silhouette plays the spoons
Broadcast Emasculation Tragedy signs fools for tunes less forty silvers and a mule.

musclebound – a venting

I think that if I’m nice to some stranger, he will reciprocate. Too often I’m reminded of how naive I may be in that thinking. Today I spoke to a group of obviously gay fellows in passing and got cold stares for my efforts. I wanted to pause and say something to one guy in particular who seemed to have the most disgust for my jovial greeting (I guess gay doesn’t mean happy). Instead I wrote about it. Enjoy my vent.


Muscle-bound black and brown
No hairline with just a frown
Hail midtown
On the low be down
Pants around the ankles
Tips touch the ground
Ripped and round
Free yet bound
I said, Hi – he look around
Dude be rude
Ain’t no excuse
You all collude
Provoke this muse
Walk around
Self-loathe confound
No eye contact
No gimme a pound
Not a sound
Broken crown
Swish and swish
As fox to hound
I’ll verb your noun
I’ll loose your wound
I’ll flat your mound
I’ll help you drown
You muscle-bound
Black and brown
Low be down
Insolent clown.

(c) 2006 kenn bivins


Consciously and mindfully and fervently I make my choice
To utter a word and ardent verbs with lack absurd behind this voice
This choice to voice my choice mere hoists, my right and droit and still my choice
Rejoice I voice, fear is slain and moist neath our treads and exploits

So this choice I speak of so literally and deliberately
Is to say something others say so easily without thought or think
Or they’ll wait several moons to allege or to speak
As if the passage of time makes it truth or replete

This thing I choose to say I swear I do mean
And daily renew the vow with the signature of a keen
I feel it, I do it, I want it, don’t rue it,
I will remain true to it, tres palabras renew it

Idioms and dialects and tongues can articulate
Luminous yet simple words that linger and still emanate
Out of mouth yet in the mind and heart and being all around
Vexed, perplexed, and second-guessed, its origins still seem unfound
Enveloping the tangible and vanquishing where I once did shrink
Yielding to express my heart while acting on the words I think
Omnipresent beckoning and vertical lines exploit the voice
Unanimous and magnanimous I consciously have made my choice.

kenn bivins (c) 2006

sans kenn (without me)

Reading an old journal entry showed how deeply someone close to me once hurt me. I chuckle at the intensity of some of my words and how I have a more sunny disposition in my writing these days. Enjoy the words of this once-angry-black-man.

Without me, she’s without kenn
Fettered, unfit, and dark within
Going nowhere and hope so slim
Too deep to tread, too vain to swim
The stench of vomit and rusted sin
And dark and dank and bleak and dim
Her dirge plays like unfamiliar hymns
No sing-alongs nor hopeful glims
Without me, no weeds are trimmed
Her moniker lies, her smile still sins
Like windows and mirrors with broken lens
Or brothers and sisters not akin
Or bleeding organs ‘neath swelling skin
The rainfall floods, the speaker is grim
Hope once had, from my grasp she rends
No apologies nor attempted mends
One day she’ll see but until then
Do cry for her for she’s just… sans kenn.


meet me in fall

I wrote this not too long ago and recently shared it with a friend. It had been some time since I read it and upon reading it again, it revived the feelings that wrote it… and it is Spring.

Before autumn and you, all my countenance beheld
Was decay and the podium from whence Hope fell
Stenciled silences and empty faces would pretend,
Lifeless bodies slept ‘neath stoned etchings and then…

I hear you…as an inaudible breeze
Evident by thawing a posthumous freeze
Where once charred birds could no longer fly
I exhale before you as distant lovers sigh
These callouses once protected and fulfilled a need
These callouses now soften, am willing to bleed
To caress, to feel, to sucumb and to reel
To live therefore to heal, to be within your will.

Your will, unchilled embraces of be
and yang
and you
and me

If only you’ll believe
For looking to spring we’ll plant the seed
With you, I shall be freed
Meet me in fall.

Ribbons of orange and red and sky and all
Bereshith, my Love, when we meet this fall.

kenn 2005