what’s coming next

forget what’s gone.
appreciate what still remains.
look forward to what’s coming next.

what undergirds you

though you may be unsettled, remember what undergirds you. if you think you have no such faith, know that you’ve had it all along. you were born with it. maybe you just haven’t been using it. God is near.

brilliant torch

though life is but a brief candle, burn as brightly as a brilliant torch.

step back

step back and see the picture and all of its colors, beyond the dab of gray where you may be standing right now.


imitation may be the grandest form of adulation, but I beg of you, only imitate me as I follow after Christ.

resurrect those around you

we’re surrounded by hurting, forlorn and lifeless people. aspire to be so infused with love and integrity that you resurrect those around you simply by being.

stronger than our yesterday

trials present new opportunities for us to confront and be stronger than our yesterday.

joy in your toil

seek joy in your toil, exertion and labor. it is a gift from God.


abundance only has meaning when given to God’s purpose, else it is simply excess and accumulation that will eventually pass from lazy hands to thieves’ hands.

otherwise useless sound

and with this voice, all that I desire is that my words be heard, their meaning comprehended and my heart understood – otherwise, all that leaves me is useless sound.

brick by brick

brick by brick with careful consideration and patience…

near impossible

It’s near impossible to condemn or hate someone who you pray for.

overcome and without words

when we’re overcome and without words, the Spirit intercedes on our behalf to God, for our thoughts and heart are already known. take solace in the grace that is bountiful, whether you ask for it or not.

What’s your Twenty?

What’s your twenty?” is CB radio slang for asking “Where are you?” Today, my eldest son turns 20 and that’s a significant question for him as he delves into the eve of adulthood.

common hours

As we nudge in the direction of our purpose, dreams and endeavors, unimaginable success is likely to come during the common hours.


fight with a purpose and certainty, for you will surely have to fight.

your thoughts become you

your thoughts inevitably become your destiny. what you choose, what you think, what you do – becomes you.

critical phase of renewal

you’re in that critical phase of renewal – that phase where you must guard your thoughts against discouragement or giving up. continue to be renewed.

don’t lose heart

though you may toil and labor many days and seem to yield nothing, don’t lose heart. roots to the trees that will soon yield fruit, as a result of your efforts, are growing… even now.

in grace anyway

…but respond in grace anyway.