the end is near

The end of the world is coming. Again.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the latest propaganda news since most conspiracy theorists’ attention has been directed away from President Obama’s birth certificate, Harold Camping has suggested that the end of the world will be May 21, 2011 at 6pm. That’s right. Forget paying off that school loan, car note, or mortgage. It’s time to party like it’s 1999. Or 2011.

Now, the only reason I’m bringing this ridiculous story up is because my friend, Katina, brought it to my attention and I can’t help but recall how Pat Robertson got a lot of media attention in proclaiming that the year 2000 would be the end of us all. Camping has very little credibility himself as he once had the same prediction that the world would end September 6, 1994. I’m thinking he was a little wrong then too.

For the record, I don’t believe in this nonsense and I can’t figure out whether he and his followers really believe this or if this is some well funded publicity stunt. This is a combination of bad theology, numerology, and too much time on a lot of people’s hands. This life is too short to live on pure speculation in some bomb shelter of fear somewhere. We all will find our end someday. We should live each day like it’s our last but not constantly looking toward that last day that we can’t enjoy the time that we have been given.

I found this hilarious list of 50 reasons why the world is definitely ending and if I didn’t have a more grounded faith, this list might sway me to believe the wackadoos.

So the end of the world is May 21, huh? So who’s up for lunch with me on May 22nd?

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10 thoughts on “the end is near”

  1. Katina says:

    Totally agree with you!

    Here’s my rant:

    The brain is a fragile organ and easily programmed. Anyone can be anything. Anyone can believe anything. Atheists and religious types are programmed the SAME way but their thoughts are aimed in opposite directions. Neither group can conclusively prove any of their beliefs, and neither group can must up the simple words “I don’t know” or admit that their beliefs stem from a conscious decision they have made to commit to a “life path” with the bit of information they possess.
    With that being said, we are all programmed in some way and we can be reprogrammed at any time (as long as we’ve been emotionally compromised). Camping has found a way to convince himself (first) that the end is 5/21/11 @ 6pm. Then he’s spread that viral message to others. To me it’s just “bad programming”. Though I know this doomsday thing is hog-wash, I do have a certain admiration for Mr. Camping. He’s gone through great lengths to warn and protect mankind from a danger that is very real (to him). I think it says something about his nature (as a person). I’m sure his followers were “normal” people that were emotionally compromised (through fear) to accept his message and exercise their “duty” to warn and protect as well. I’m sure on May 22, he’s going to sit down and recalculate, re-evaluate, reconsider and hopefully reprogram his mind with something that makes sense.

  2. kenn says:

    That’s not much of a rant LOL And it makes perfect and sound sense to me. I have to admit that I admire passionate people – even when I don’t agree with them. He’s made the mistake before and he blamed it on his calculations being off. I’m sure that May 22nd will come and go and he will do the same.

    It’s easy to say what we don’t believe. But the real question is.. what DO you believe?

  3. Katina says:

    Yeah…not much of a rant lol… More like a preachy moment…will call it that next time.

  4. Lonoia Murphy says:

    Are you serious? I’m in a bubble. Well, one thing I do know is that the end of the world will NOT be on the date or time whatever man says it will be… Matthew 24:36 (no person knows, not even the angels know!). Besides, all the events in Revelations that are to lead up to “the end” haven’t come yet.

    Kenn, I do agree with you… only thing is, even after we meet our physical end, life will still go on. So, will there really be an “end of the world?” …or is it “the end” as we know it.

  5. Kanika says:

    Love this!!! Awesome.

  6. Dee says:

    I say that it’s 7:30 pm and I’ve missed my opportunity to convince him to turn over his assets to me…lol.

  7. kenn says:

    Dang. Now I guess I have to continue to live up to my responsibilities since the end didn’t happen today. With my fortune, I will have paid off all of my debts and just as soon as I kick my feet up to reflect on my tenacity and focus… BAM!! The end.

  8. Katina says:

    SO…this guy did reflect, recalculate, re-evaluate and reconsider…he didn’t come to the conclusion I hoped he would (that his predictions were delusional “bufoonery” <—-yeah, I stole that last one from Spike), INSTEAD he's come out with a new message…The end of the world is now set for October 21st. So you have time to enjoy a wild summer, repent in the early fall and make it into the gates with a clean slate 😉

  9. kenn says:

    His words are now even more confused than before. He said, “The only thing we didn’t understand was the spirituality of May 21. We’re seeing this as a spiritual thing happening rather than a physical thing happening. The timing, the structure, the proofs, none of that has changed at all.”

    Huh? So the spiritual end happened May 21? And now he’s out of money so of course there will not be a mounted advertising push again. He was wrong and now he’s broke. Broke Phi Broke.

  10. Katina says:


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